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    As we begin a New Year it is inevitable that we set our resolutions, or goals to achieve in the New Year-whether it is to get in shape, lose weight, read more, spend more time with our kids, these goals always have the best intentions, but tend to fizzle out when life gets hectic.  Each month at CMS, we focus on a character trait-kindness, empathy, responsibility.  This month, we are focusing on “Goal Setting with Self Discipline”; it is not about making a resolution, but about setting attainable goals that students want to achieve.  “New Year-New Hope-New Goals”.  Beginning January 8th, students began by learning about how to make a S.M.A.R.T. goal (Specific-Measurable-Attainable-Relevant/Realistic-Time Driven/Trackable).   Students are writing goals that are stretching themselves-which requires our character trait of the month: self-discipline.  Self-discipline or control is like having steering or brakes in the journey of life.  It means saying “no” to some things in order to say “yes” to something better—something that can help students reach their goals.  Good intentions just aren’t enough. If we want to learn something new, or make a positive difference for others, we need self-discipline to follow through and succeed. Self-discipline requires motivation, self-control, initiative, effort, and stamina. Motivation is necessary, and you must really want to achieve your goal to choose to move forward. It can be fueled by example. When students see adults who are motivated to try new things, plan for success, put forth effort, deal with setbacks, and celebrate success, they learn how much motivation is important in accomplishing just about anything.  I am looking forward to visiting with students in the next few weeks to learn what goals they set for themselves, and to share my goals with them; and visit with them again in a few months to see how they have accomplished their goals.  I am confident CMS will see amazing growth in our students.

    Shine Bright,

    Ms. Jennifer Paschall


    Cardinal Head        


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