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    Clinton Middle School students had the pleasure of attending an assembly on Thursday, October 26th to hear an inspirational message from Dr. Laymon Hicks.  The message focused on kindness, you don’t know everyone’s story-be kind to everyone, and most importantly-YOU MATTER.  Students are being exposed to this message each day through the announcements, and with a huge thank you to Bright Futures, our newly painted restrooms also have words of encouragement spread throughout. 

    The counseling department in conjunction with the administrative team will be providing lessons throughout the month of November.  Our counselor, Mrs. Vaughn, has begun presenting bully prevention lessons in the 6th grade classrooms this week.  We encourage students to stand up to bullying: report to an adult at school or at home when someone has been bullied, or they have been bullied.  A commonly used definition of bullying developed by Dr. Olweus is: A person is bullied when he or she is exposed, repeatedly and over time, to negative actions on the part of one or more persons, and he or she has difficulty defending himself or herself.  Bully prevention program implementation will continue throughout the school year during Cardinal Time.  Character lessons will begin this month in Cardinal Time with students, our character word for the month of November is RESPECT.   We encourage students to use respectful words to one another, about their peers, and about themselves. 

    I am looking forward to seeing the impact these programs have on our students, having a safe, caring environment for our students is a top priority. Our administrative team thanks our parents for your continued support, without your support, we would not be able to implement or sustain these programs.

    CMS would like to convey our thanks to the Skidmore Foundation for providing the funding to bring Dr. Hicks to Clinton High School and Clinton Middle School.  Our students were deeply moved by his message.

    Shine Bright,

    Ms. Jennifer Paschall


    Cardinal Head        


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