• Engaging Cardinals at CHS

    CHS students in Mr. Tennal's Aquatic Science class are beginning their midterm project.

    Their goal is to take what they know about the properties of water, microbiological organisms, and simple physics to create a water filter that will produce fresh, clean water that can be safe to drink (no worries....students won't actually drink the water)!

    Research is taking place now, a few test builds are underway, and test runs and final trials will take place next week.

    In the picture below, students are working on distillation. Dirty water will boil within the flask, sending water vapor into the tubes to cool and turn back into liquid water which will be collected for simple filtering in stage 2.

    students filtering water in aquatic science class


    Cardinal Pirates

    Students (and staff) at Henry Elementary enjoyed celebrating "Talk Like a Pirate Day" on Wednesday.  Besides dressing and talking like pirates, students also participated in reading, writing and math pirate activities.  See more pictures here.

    students standing in hallway with teacher dressed like pirates


    Dissection in 8th Grade STEAM

    8th grade students in Mrs. Hill's "STEAM on Mars" class had quite the hands-on lesson this week.

    To learn how an astronaut's eye health is altered by living in microgravity, students dissected pig eyes!  See more pictures here.

    student dissecting pig eye

    Getting Dirty at CECC

    Cardinals at CECC thought Wednesday was the “Best. Day. Ever.”!

    Our littlest learners spent part of their day outside exploring. Students had the opportunity to dig in the dirt and then had even more fun when they were given the chance to mix water into the fun!  See more pictures here.

    early childhood students playing in dirt


    Hands-On Learning in 5th Grade

    5th graders in Mrs. Mifflin and Ms. Ryberg's science classes are answering the question, “How does the sun affect the direction and size of a shadow?"

    They learned that when the sun casts a shadow on an object the distance in the sky affects the length of the shadow!

    students working together with a ruler to determine shadow length



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