Contacting the Board

The Clinton School District has policies and regulations in place, approved by the Board of Education.  These policies and consequences, as well as an approved behavioral code for students, are the guidelines that allow for fairness and consistency as we serve our students and families.

Board policies and regulations can be found here: Policies

All students enrolled in the Clinton School District receive a Family Information and Discipline Codebook that includes this information. This handbook is distributed to all families at the beginning of each school year.

steps to sharing concerns graphic
Additionally, our communication protocol for addressing concerns is as follows:

Step One:
Talk with the teacher or guidance counselor at your child’s school.

Step Two
: Contact your child's school principal and/or assistant principal.

Step Three
: Share your concerns with the superintendent.

If your concern has not been resolved at the above levels, citizens are invited to follow Policy BDDH-2 as is outlined below.  

Per policy BDDH-2 (Public Participation at Board Meetings)

To provide for full and open communication between the public and the Board of Education, the Board authorizes the following avenues for the exchange of information, ideas and opinions.

Grievance through Established Policy and Procedure
Students, employees and any members of the public are encouraged to utilize established policies and procedures for offering suggestions or addressing concerns and complaints prior to bringing the issue before the Board (see steps above). The Board believes that many issues can be resolved by communication with teachers, administrators and other staff and may refuse to address an issue if the individual presenting it has not first attempted to resolve the matter through established procedures and policies.

Written Correspondence
Written correspondence may be directed to the Board, through the superintendent, for consideration at a meeting. Copies of all correspondence directed to the Board will be made available to all Board members. Statements of two (2) pages or less are encouraged.

Agenda Items
Any member of the public who wishes to have an item placed on the agenda will present the request in writing to the superintendent or designee. The request must be submitted pursuant to Board policy and received five (5) business days prior to the scheduled meeting. The item will then be appropriately placed on the agenda. The Board reserves the right to impose reasonable restrictions on the number of items to be considered, the number of spokespersons and the speaking time of spokespersons appearing before the Board. If the meeting agenda is full, the Board reserves the right to reschedule an item for the next regular meeting. The Board may refuse to address an issue that has not gone through the appropriate grievance procedure. The Board reserves the right to waive formalities in emergency situations, within the limitations of the law.

Public Hearings
From time to time, the Board will schedule a public hearing to receive input on matters of concern to the community, such as setting the district's tax rate. The public will be provided notice of such hearings as required by law.

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