Breakfast/Lunch Prices 
      Henry/CIS CMS CHS Reduced   Adult  
    Breakfast $1.40 $1.45 $1.45 $0.30 $1.90
    Lunch $1.90 $1.95 $2.05 $0.40 $2.55
    Extra Milk $0.35/carton district wide   
    Side dish and extra plate prices posted at cafeteria.  
    Please make checks payable to individual buildings and multiple students can be on one check. Just specify how much to each student.
    If your child qualifies for free/reduced lunches, they are also eligible for free/reduced breakfasts. 
    PLEASE KEEP A POSITIVE BALANCE ON YOUR CHILD'S ACCOUNT.  You can track your children's meal account balance through the Powerschool Parent Portal. If you need access, contact your child's school office.