• Clinton School District Safety Plan

    An Overview


    Recent events have caused schools across our nation to re-evaluate and refocus attention on safety plans in order to ensure the safety of all students and staff of every school.  Safety of students remains the number one priority in the Clinton School District.  We wanted to provide you, the community, with a general overview of our approach to school safety.  The summary below is an overview of the extensive district emergency operations plan.  Specifics have been omitted to protect the integrity of the plan and to safeguard specifics should we need to implement the plan.

    The district’s emergency operations plan is regularly reviewed, refined and improved to reflect best practices.  Complete emergency operations plans are documented within each building and at the district level.


    ·      An Emergency Operations Plan was developed with the assistance of the Missouri Center for Safe Schools and is regularly reviewed

    ·       Facilities and playgrounds are regularly inspected for hazards

    ·       Fire safety inspections are conducted on an annual basis

    ·       Buildings are maintained and equipped with safety devices

    ·       Effective and current communication equipment is employed throughout the district

    ·      Safety directors meet, plan, and collaborate regularly with community agencies such as the Henry County Local Emergency Planning Committee, the Clinton Fire Department, The Clinton Police Department, and the Henry County Sheriff’s Department

    ·     The district partners with the Clinton Police Department to provide a full time School Resource Officer

    ·        All building perimeters are secured throughout the day with controlled access points

    ·        Electronic surveillance equipment is used to monitor access points and areas outside of immediate sight



    ·        Regular student practice and drills are conducted

    ·        Regular tests of the electronic messaging systems

    ·       Emergency response staff attends on-going professional development opportunities to keep abreast of best practices

    ·  Professional development in emergency response strategies is provided for administrators and staff members

    ·        District employees are trained in basic safety practices

    ·     Collaboration is maintained with local community agencies to identify future training needs and effective response strategies for safety threats


    Emergency Response

    ·        Precautions are taken quickly to ensure student safety

    ·        Areas of high concern are monitored continuously

    ·        Authorities are contacted immediately

    ·        Maintain ongoing contact with first responders

    ·        Communicate with parents and the community as soon as possible

    ·        Maintain up to date records on student attendance and dismissal

    ·        Outside agencies are contacted for ancillary support